Men's Trail Running Socks

A Sport that’s Tough on Your Feet

Trail running’s popularity is exploding—it’s a great form of exercise and an opportunity to meet personal challenges and surpass personal “bests.” But running up and down trails, pounding the rocks, slogging through dirt and mud, kicking up dust and dealing with the whims of the weather all take a toll on your feet. In fact, the Institute for Preventive Foot Health/NPD 2012 National Foot Health Assessment has shown that after marathoners, trail runners are more likely than any other sport enthusiast to experience foot conditions, especially blisters

“I walk/run on a dirt/gravel road and was looking for a way not to feel all the rocks in the road. These socks are so good at cushioning that I want to wear them all the time on our farm.” Phileta R.

The Right Gear is Key

Staying on your feet and on the trail requires more than good conditioning. It takes gear that’s comfortable, protects your feet and won’t let you down. Painful feet or a blister will slow you down and take a lot of the joy out of your excursion. The right shoes are important, and many manufacturers now offer a variety of all-terrain shoes to choose from. But shoes are only part of the story for off-road running. The right padded socks are also critical—and here you have only one choice if you want the best possible foot protection and comfort: Thorlos clinically-tested (CTPS) trail running socks. They will protect your feet inside your running shoe and out—the top of the padded sock has a special, one and a half -inch, snug-fit ribbed top to keep dirt and debris from entering the padded sock as you run.

“I've run thousands of miles with these trail running socks, and have tried numerous other types of socks made for trail running; these are hands down the best. The moderate cushion (medium thickness) is perfect for all conditions.” Todd S.

How Thorlos Help

Thorlos clinically-tested padding provides your feet with maximum protection. It helps reduce impact from rocks, dirt and other trail debris, and the shear forces that can lead to blisters and other injuries to the skin and soft tissues of your feet during a trail run. Made of made with our exclusive THORLON yarn and THOR•WICK® COOL fiber, Thorlos also wicks moisture away better, further protecting against blisters and other foot conditions that could interfere with your comfort and enjoyment.

“Used these with new hiking boots in August. No blisters!” Linda J.

Clinically-Tested Padding

Thorlos clinically-tested padded trail running socks are recommended if you experience foot pain or want to help prevent any foot conditions during or after running. The padding is placed precisely where your foot needs protection, and has been clinically shown to reduce blisters, pain, pressures and moisture:

Ball and heel padding: Protects the ball of the foot from the shearing and impact forces that occur while running on rough terrain. 

Toe padding: Protects against banging of the toes in the front of your trail running shoe when you’re going downhill.

“They are extremely comfortable and provide the necessary support in all of the right spots of your feet. Amazing is all I can say and is the reason I bought more and will continue to buy more as long as Thorlo continues to offer them.” Eric P.

Curious but not yet convinced whether Thorlos CTPS can help you address your foot pain? We invite you to try your first pair free…just paying shipping and handling.

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Thorlos Lite Padded Socks

If your feet don’t hurt during or after trail running, we recommend our Experia® brand, which provides more protection and comfort than other thin socks on the market. Experia comes in 12 colors and offers lightweight protection with an aerodynamic fit.

30-Day Guarantee Brand Promise

Our promise to you: Your feet will feel better or your money back®!

“The cushion is great for trail running. Cheaper socks just do not protect the feet on rough dirt trails like Thorlo socks do.”  Ken O.

Reviews for Thorlos TRAIL RUNNING

  • 2 out of 5

    Style: XCCU

    Socks are too small

    04/21/18 | By

    socks are too small

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: XCCU

    Good protection for heel and toe

    04/20/18 | By

    safer, due to the protective support of the heel and toe while walking and engaging in other everyday activities

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: XCCU

    Our son's FAVORITE socks!

    04/17/18 | By

    The XCCUs are the best. Perfect amount of cushion and these socks hold up through his heavy usage.

  • 4 out of 5

    Style: XCMU

    Good socks

    04/16/18 | By

    Better than the brands in the stores but not as good as some of the others.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: XCCU

    Love the instep support.

    04/08/18 | By

    Bought three pair two years ago in Waco, and never found them again. Googled from the info in the socks and found them! I'm a very, very big fan. My flat feet love them. You will love e them!

  • 4 out of 5

    Style: XCCU

    Difficult review

    04/08/18 | By

    This is a difficult review to write. I know Thorlos pretty well and have had many over the years. All of them are top notch just like these. Stitching and construction is excellent. Color is vibrant. Labeling and tags are all pro. But!- I got these for free for signing up with a gift card. I entered my profile: Male, 62 yrs old, shoe size, farmer. Outdoors all day, all year long in all kinds of weather. So, when I received these I was a bit perplexed to say the least. They really don't fit my profile very well.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: XCCU

    A bigger size made all the difference

    03/30/18 | By

    I posted a review after I originally purchased these socks, rating them as 2. I was unhappy because they didn't stay up during wear. But I've tried a larger size ( wear a 5 1/2 shoe but I'm wearing a sock for sizes 7-9), and they stay up well. They are wonderfully padded and comfortable. I'm so glad I tried another size!

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: XCMU

    Great Walking Socks

    03/22/18 | By

    When I have these socks on my feet, the snugness against my feet, makes it feel like I have extra support and helps keep sweat away from my feet. Thanks Donna G

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: XCCU

    great socks

    03/17/18 | By

    These socks are padded in all the right places. I replaced all my socks with Thorlos as they make my feet feel great during workouts or just as a daily sock. Have washed them many times now and still excellent fit.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: OAQU

    Great socks for everything!

    03/16/18 | By

    I have "happy feet" when wearing these socks. The colors are great.