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If you’re a mountaineer, the challenge of summiting a peak, whether it’s a 14,000 footer in the Sierras or the “big daddies”—e.g., Everest, K2, Kanchenjunga—gets your adrenaline rushing like nothing else. Even if your goal is a “mere” 6,000 footer in the Appalachians, getting to your self-proclaimed “top of the world” is possible only if your feet can take you there.

Here’s what world-class climber Marty Schmidt says about Thorlos mountaineering socks:

“My actions speak louder than words. I wear Thorlos socks for the best reason: they keep my feet from freezing at and above 8,000 meters [24,000+ feet] when I am guiding my clients. I need this security and so do my clients.”

That’s why Thorlos clinically-tested padded mountaineering socks are a critical component of your climbing equipment. The knee-high length, variable density anatomical design and padding protect your feet from the pressure and shear forces that occur inside your boots, causing pain and irritation—and their wicking action helps evacuate moisture, which is a catalyst for blisters.

“I bought the mountaineering socks for a winter trip to Yellowstone...These are a joy to wear!” Tracy H.

Must-Have Foot Protection: Wool Thermal Padded Socks

Mountaineering puts heavy demands on your feet. If you’re negotiating a scree or traversing a snow or ice field with crampons, your boots have to provide substantial protection. But even the sturdiest and best made boots cannot provide sufficient insulation and protection on their own, especially in sub-zero weather. With worsted wool in the toes to provide extra warmth and help protect against frostbite, Thorlos will keep your feet warm, dry and safe from the elements.

“I have just returned from my trip to Antarctica and can now report that my feet were never cold and all I was wearing were the liner socks and the mountaineering socks with the Wellington boots. We got into the ice cold water getting in and out of the Zodiacs, walked on ice and in snow and often had to ford streams. And still my feet never got cold. I was also impressed at how fast they dried when hand washed.” Tona B.

Thorlos Mountaineering Socks—Like No Other Activity-Specific Sock We Make

Beyond the engineered ball and heel padding that is the hallmark of the Thorlos design, our mountaineering sock has moderate cushioning at the ankle, shin and instep to protect against pressures and provide a better fit for your boots. The body of the over-the calf padded Thorlos is made from an exclusive wool/THORLON® blend that wicks moisture better than regular socks, while the extensive toe protection is made of 100% wool for maximum warmth-- all quality assured for on-mountain protection and comfort.

“The Thorlo Mountaineering Socks are much better than any other competitive brands I've tried, many of which are $2-$4/pair more. My last 2 pair of these socks lasted 7 years and now I've purchased 3 more during the Xmas sales and got a 4th pair free from Thorlo. These are A+++ in every respect.” Leonard A.

An Award Winner!

American Alpine Institute Guide's Choice

For dedicated mountaineers, there is nothing as exhilarating as reaching your summit of choice, and Thorlos clinically-tested padded mountaineering socks—winner of a “Guide’s Choice” award from the American Alpine Institute--will help get you there. You’ll climb higher and longer—and enjoy mountaineering for a lifetime.

“I use these around the Aspen, Colorado area climbing, backpacking, hiking, fly fishing and every day with hiking boots at work….” Kelly P.

For maximum foot protection while mountaineering: Unisex ST—knee-high/over-the-calf style made with an exclusive wool/THORLON® blend.

Curious but not yet convinced whether Thorlos CTPS can help you address your foot pain? We invite you to try your first pair free…just paying shipping and handling.

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Because of the demands placed on the foot needs during a typical expedition, we recommend that you wear only our clinically-tested padded socks (CTPS), not our Lite Padded Socks (LPS), for your climb.

Brand Promise Guarantee

Try Now at No Risk to You

THORLO stands behind its foot-protection products with its brand promise guarantee: Your feet will feel better or your money back®!

Reviews for Thorlos MOUNTAINEERING

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: ST

    Best socks for cold weather mountaineering!

    08/25/18 | By

    I have tried many different cold weather socks...and these are hands down the most well constructed, durable and comfortable socks I have worn. I can wear them without a liner sock without fear of blisters. If you wash these socks with fabric softener as recommended, you will enjoy the feel and extend the useful life of the sock. These socks also provide great support to your calves, so they will not tire as easily. Thorlo has not compromised on the quality of their products over the years, they are still as good a quality today as they were a long time ago...and I will continue to buy them!

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: ST

    Most formidable mountain socks with cold weather capability, and extremely well cushioned.

    06/06/18 | By

    These socks are remarkable in their fit, cushioning, shock absorbing, and in their warmth. Most specially in cold weather conditions. I have also employed them in mild weather conditions to increase protection from abrassive boots. I have been using this type of socks since they first came out. They are excellent for militarty settings, and also for extreme field conditions. V/r Pedro Munoz de Oneca

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: ST

    Thorlo Mountaineering socks for, well, mountaineering.

    01/20/17 | By

    I originally bought these at Swallows' Nest in Seattle with my La Sportiva K3 mountaineering boots as they were a perfect fit combination way back in 1995/6. The socks finally started disappearing over the years and I was down to one pair out of the original three. Fit just as good as ever.

  • 4 out of 5

    Style: ST


    12/28/16 | By

    These socks are thicker than others. Will keep your feet warm. Feel good on feet. Will probably buy more like these.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: ST

    very nice socks

    09/10/16 | By

    Comfortable and we'll protected.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: ST

    Best for cold weather and comfort

    12/05/15 | By

    Ah! The Thorlo Mountaineering socks. I first came to know these wonderful socks as they were issued to us at the USMC Mountain Warfare School. You know if after decades of itchy wool socks these are what are being used there, they are the best. My feet loved them. They don't fall down, they give you cushion in all the right places, and they are warm even if a little moist. Expensive, sure. But, worth it. I wore out the ones I bought 7 years ago in the military, and just replenished my supply for ski/ hunt season in the Midwest. You won't be disappointed. I've tried many brands of cold weather socks, & these are the only ones which last and work.

  • 5 out of 5

    Style: ST

    Best socks ever! Love,love,love them !

    10/18/15 | By


  • 5 out of 5

    Style: ST

    Mountainerring socks

    03/25/15 | By


  • 5 out of 5

    Style: ST

    Perfect for over the timberline trekking

    12/17/14 | By

    I bought my first pair of Thorlo Mountaineering Socks close to 30 years ago and I'm happy to say the quality has stayed the same. In a time when most of our favorite brands have all gone downhill, Thorla continues to provide top quality socks. When I first started hiking I took a long time looking for a good hiking boot but didn't pay much attention to the socks. After complaining about blisters and sore feet someone recommended Thorlos so I (skeptically) gave them a try. I never wore another brand of hiking socks again. They really do deliver what they promise. If you want to actually get what you pay for then try these. They do not disappoint.

  • 4 out of 5

    Style: ST

    Too Short!

    03/04/14 | By

    I sat down to request an improvement by Thorlos, but before that I decided to read the reviews and see if anyone else had the same complaint. Danged if David D. didn't have the exact suggestion that I have: Increase the length of the sock about 1.5 inches. They are not true "over-the-calf" socks, so the fit, comfort and stay-up-on-your-leg-all-dayability is compromised. And don't think David's height is the problem -- I'm 2 inches shorter (5'-11") with 2 inches less inseam (34") than David, and the socks are too short for me, too. Hopefully the folks at Thorlos read these reviews and correct this one flaw in the product. I've been wearing the Thorlos Trekker socks for many years -- all day, every day. Weddings, funerals and church are about the only events that keep the Trekkers in the drawer. Even though the yarn mix in the Mountaineering socks is a bit different than the Trekkers (more wool in the long socks), they're pretty close. Just wish the Mountaineer was longer.