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Padded Socks for Flat Feet


Flat feet don’t have to be sore feet. Try Thorlos padded socks for flat feet to relieve your foot pain.

  • Thorlos clinically-tested padded socks (CTPS) provide excellent arch support for the flat foot.
  • Padding has been clinically-tested and shown to reduce foot pain and the pressures that lead to sore, tired achy feet.
  • Thorlos® Brand Promise: Your feet will feel better or we’ll give you your money back.
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These are just a few who are experiencing less foot pain

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Thorlos CTPS Provide Support and Reduce Foot Pain

How Thorlos Help: arch support socks with protective padding

Shoe inserts or custom-designed orthotics will help flat feet perform better. Wearing Thorlos CTPS can also help by creating additional arch support and reducing foot pain. Thorlos strategically places dense engineered padding under the toes, ball and heels, and less dense padding under the arch. For added support, Thorlos in-circles the instep and arch of the foot with spandex for a firm and supportive fit and feel. Great choices in our product line are the 84N Runner, Fitness padded sock, Support padded sock and our Distance Walking padded sock.

The padding in Thorlos CTPS is clinically shown to:

  • Reduce blisters
  • Reduce foot pain
  • Reduce pressures
  • Reduce moisture

The result is profound comfort for flat feet.

Thorlos CTPS padding clinically shown to reduce pressure on flat feet are socks for flat feet are
     anything but flat socks a better description might be to call them arch support socks. They have plenty of cushion to protect your feet.

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What causes Flat Feet?

When you’ve got flat feet, your toes, arches and heels all touch the ground at the same time. There’s no natural anatomic arch support or separation of pressure between the ball of your feet and your heels. Some people are genetically predisposed to flat feet, but years of use or overuse or misuse can also cause feet to flatten. A collapse or damage to the posterior tibial tendon can also result in a flat foot.


The Role of Proper Footwear Fitting in Reducing Foot Pain

Many of us wear shoes that are too small for our feet. We strongly recommend that you learn how to get the best self-assisted fit by watching our fitting video or reading our tips sheet.


Brand Promise Guarantee

Try Now at No Risk to You. THORLO stands behind all its foot-protection products. Our brand promise: Your feet will feel better or your money back®!


Made in the USA

Thorlos are proudly made in the USA. To learn more about our craft and commitment to retaining our manufacturing in the USA, we invite you to watch our video entitled “An American Brand Story.”

Remember, ALWAYS consult your physician if have chronic foot pain, or if you have any reason to suspect that your foot pain is the result of a more serious condition.